INFUSER is a unique air-purification company, pioneering novel clean-tech solutions that bridge the gap between science and industry. We specialize in merging private-public interests and shape scientific concepts based on atmospheric chemistry into leading-edge technologies, driven by strong international demand.

INFUSER utilize the natural self-cleaning properties of the Earth’s atmosphere to remove pollution in a close reactor system. When hydrocarbon gasses are emitted and reach the atmosphere, they react with naturally occurring compounds to form particles in a process triggered by sunlight and natural gasses. The particles eventually fall to Earth with the rain, and the air is clean once again. This natural process is accelerated by a factor of 105 in our CLIMATIC air purification system. We call this Advanced Atmospheric Oxidation.

Our subsistence on scientific methods gives us a unique lead and solid market position. We foresee short and long-run pitfalls and caveats derived from rushed and outdated investigations that can be costly for our customers and for the environment. INFUSERs state-of-the-art business model is to convert complex scientific concepts within air-purification into simple and tangible full-service solutions.

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Our company is founded on two key pillars based on research & development:

  1. We nurture scientific concepts and commercialize these in the form of tangible projects ready to spin off over a period of time. We incubate concepts that always derive from a general market need as to purifying air in a way that has not yet been accomplished. With outset in the science of atmospheric chemistry, we are capable of inventing and launching such technologies for the benefit of not only individual companies and industries, but also societies and big polluted cities. A special part of our incubation process is our intersection between private and public interests, where we commercialize academic thinking, turn good ideas into marketable products and at the same time add value to the job market by creating unique, international job opportunities.
  1. Once a concept is incubated, we establish a dedicated project team of Scientists and Engineers to research and diagnose the air quality for the given environment (in/outdoor) to develop sustainable solutions with focus on efficacy, cost and energy savings. We provide our customers with holistic solutions that entail tests, analysis and documented reports, eventually captured in bespoke engineered technologies that are based on standard concepts, modules and key components – easy to operate and easy to maintain. To complete a full circle, our incubation process undergoes a string of vital milestones from initial research and investigations to development in close partnership with key stakeholders around the world.


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