Odour abatement at an oil recovery (organosulfurs and hydrocarbons), Denmark

The Danish company Jysk Miljørens A/S took in 2012 a strong lead in fighting pollution when ordering the world´s first advanced atmospheric oxidation system from INFUSER.

Type of production:
Ballast water cleansing (separation of oil, from waste water, into recycled and purified oil)

Problem description and the case company:
15 000 m3/h heavy marine diesel oil vapour

Jysk Miljørens A/S receives 60-80,000 tons of oil polluted waste water from ships every year. Their main business is to separate the oil into recycled and purified fuel oil. The company is located in Aarhus habour close to the city centre, and because of their residential neighbours Jysk Miljørens A/S has faced challenges over the years due to air pollution from the oil separation process.
Jysk Miljørens A/S emits up to 15,000 cubic meters of polluted air per hour. The exhaust contains high concentrations of polluting hydrocarbons including a number of smelly sulphur components. This has caused dissatisfaction with nearby residents, and is of concern to the company’s management.

Solution: CLIMATIC

92% reduction of odour, problem solved, in operation since November 2012

The total weight of the installation is just under 5,000 kilos. It is placed on the roof of the factory and plugged into the general ventilation system without the need for major infrastructural changes. The CLIMATIC installation has been crucial in restoring the factory’s reputation and business. From being a severely criticized neighbor threatened by closure, the factory at Jysk Miljørens has solved their odor problems and has regained their status as an environmentally approved production facility.