Complex air analysis and test results

INFUSER announced the launch of the CleanLab in March 2016. It is considered as one of the most advanced air analysis laboratories in Europe. The research and development facility is equipped with the latest analytical technology from world’s top class suppliers such as: PerkinElmer, Bruker, Gerstel, Firsher Scientific, Merck Millipore, TSI, Tempatron, Teledyne Analytical Instruments, MKS and other.

Sneak preview of the lab:

air analysis INFUSER



Our workplace is indeed an exclusive melting-pot. It is one of Northern Europe’s newest laboratories for air measurements, analysis, modeling and prototype testing, built in 2014 in the heart of Copenhagen. The lab is right next to the Chemistry Department of Copenhagen University and Metropol, and situated in the heart of Copenhagen Science City. INFUSER’s lab constitutes the gravity center of our value proposition, as we can research and develop under controlled environments in near proximity to our closest collaboration partners.

At INFUSER, we are not alone. We are a bigger unit than our immediate organization, and we form close relations with private and public partners around the World. Our closest public collaboration partners are the University of Copenhagen and Metropol (Metropolitan University Colleage, Copenhagen), with whom we share mutual interests as to e.g. attracting and hiring highly skilled international Ph.d’s as well as exchanging knowledge and facilities for research prospects. Through this, we have ideal opportunities to accomplish and maximize our mutual potentials. Our laboratory and geographic position represent the hot-spot, from where we communicate and cooperate with some of the world’s biggest brands within e.g. auto, healthcare and food industries.

air analysis CleanLab


INFUSER’s organization is driven by some of the best, international heavy-weight Scientists and Engineers within atmospheric chemistry, supported by a strong commercial backbone. We master to merge science with business, because we focus on our strengths – and make the best of each other’s strengths.

We are a team of committed individuals, who will go the extra mile for each other and external colleagues to deliver solid results, which we can all be proud of. As scientific thinking is part of our DNA, we are not afraid of challenging status quo or being challenged back. Quite contrary, we welcome creativity and innovation. We are passionate about providing original and modern innovations that keep on giving. And in the spirit of giving, we exert ourselves to do the best for our customers. Needless to say, our customers are at the center of all, we do. We never promise vain solutions, and we are not afraid of saying no.