Indoor air quality (HVAC)

CLIMATIC removes particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in a single treatment

The CLIMATIC air pollution control system offers a new and flexible way of removing the outdoor air pollution before it enters a building’s ventilation system, ensuring clean and breathable indoor air. The system is easily installed in line with air intake piping or ducts, e.g. on the roof of a building, or it can be integrated into more complex piping structures as part of a building’s central HVAC or duct system. CLIMATIC requires no or negligible modifications to the already existing ventilation infrastructure. The system is scalable according to air volumes and pollution loads.

Figure 1. CLIMATIC – conceptual illustration based on actual installation at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, P. R. China

INFUSER CLIMATIC indoor air quality HVAC

Key Advantages:


The intelligent air monitoring system offering purification on demand

Pollution load in cities and urban centres peak at different times of the day, often varying with the seasons. SMART-AIR is an intelligent automation add-on to the CLIMATIC that monitors the air pollution and thereby the need for cleaning by the CLIMATIC. The CLIMATIC can create a semi-closed environment with clean air inside buildings, shielding them from the polluted ambient air. In other words, SMART-AIR offers cleaning on demand.

Figure 2. SMART-AIR – cleaning on demand, conceptual illustration

INFUSER SMART-AIR intelligent system for purification on demand

The SMART-AIR system is equipped with sensors to keep track of the ambient air pollution load. The system offers several benefits:

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