Food Production

Odor abatement & control for food factories

Awareness of industrial air pollution is rapidly increasing all over the world and the demand for air pollution control likewise. This is particularly striking for many food production and processing factories, since the process air is often odorous and thus immediately recognized as polluted by neighbors and authorities. Producing and processing foods will inevitably lead to emission of odorous VOCs. At industrial scale, this can be a significant source of odour contamination of the neighbouring area. The odour is most often in the form of volatile organic compounds, such as aldehydes, sulphides and amines.

Traditional smell abatement technologies are often costly to buy and time consuming to operate. Such conventional systems include activated carbon filters or regenerative thermal oxidizers, but since the air volumes often are large and the VOC concentrations are small, such solutions are associated with high operating costs. Therefore, many factories are struggling to find an odor abatement technology, which is both practical, economical and environmentally friendly.



INFUSER’s modular cleaning system

INFUSER’s patented CLIMATIC air purification technology for gas phase treatment of industrial air pollution deals with these dilemmas all at once. The technology is module based, which in practical terms means that the air and odor treatment will be bespoke towards the problem at hand. A custommade solution that few other technologies can compete with.

The modules accelerate the self-cleansing mechanisms of the atmosphere, by carefully adjusted a combination of atmospheric gasses, water vapor, UV light and electricity. This creates highly reactive OH radical molecules that attack odorous pollutants within fractions of a second. The pollutants are hereby converted into non-odorous oxidation products.