Grease removal and smell reduction in the kitchen exhaust

Ozone Generators case stories for smell reduction and grease removal in professional kitchens and canteens

There exist a discussion on the optimal way of grease removal and smell reduction from kitchen exhausts and ventilation ducts.
INFUSER’s latest ozone technology is an example of a highly functional and cost effective way for prevention of the formation and deposition of grease in the ventilation ducts (kitchen exhausts).
The exhaust, polluted air is treated by ozone (O3) from a built-in ozone generator. The ozone is fed into the ventilation system, through a PTFE tube, and forms a chemical reaction which neutralises the fats, and reduces the smell. The processed air leaves keeps the ventilation system clean from the inside.

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Installations at clients

westmarket copenhagen  




Locanda Pizza, Bavaria, Germany

Locanda Pizza in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, is a restaurant that serves pasta and pizza. The restaurant’s operating hours is from lunch until late in the evening.

Air flow in the ventilation duct:
5000 m³/h

The most challenging task for the management of the restaurant was to clean the duct, and to keep it clean.
Locanda Pizza & Pasta is situated on the ground floor of a residential building. The kitchen ventilation is connected to the ventilation ducts system of the building, which leads to the roof. Residents who live in the apartments on the couple top floors of the building, and also in the other buildings, complained and were disturbed by the smell of cooked food coming out of the restaurant’s kitchen ventilation.

Type of sale:
Lüftungstechnik Gagel approached INFUSER to solve the problem. Lüftungstechnik Gagel faced two possible resolutions: UV-Technology or ONY-20. INFUSER won the tender with:
• lower operating costs of the ozone generator
• safer and cleaner installation



Asian restaurant in Paris, France

A Swedish group of Asian restaurant chains opened a brand new venue in the heart of the French capital Paris in August 2015.
Air flow in the ventilation duct:
3 000m3/h

The Swedish owners were concerned with the smell emission that could be sensed in the open street space. They were aware of the fact that other restaurants in the area have had the same issues in the past. Therefore, the management asked INFUSER to provide them with a solution for the odour problem, and hence a Compact-10 unit was installed.

Type of sale:
INFUSER received the inquiry from owners of the chain, and a team of two experts were at the site to design and complete the installation.


grease removal and smell reduction professional kitchen exhaust ventilation ductgrease removal and smell reduction professional kitchen exhaust ventilation ductCompact20Paris1


DFDS Seaways - Ferry routes Copenhagen - Oslo

INFUSER equipped with ozone generators two of DFDS Seaways sailing boats on the route from Copenhagen to Oslo, namely Pearl and Crown. DFDS is the Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company. In cooperation with chief engineers from DFDS there have been a total of 13 ozone generators installed.

Aboard on Pearl operates four ONY-20 ozone generators, ONY-20 the predecessor of Compact20, in the kitchen facilities, and one ACF-1000 ozone generator which removes the smell from the garbage compartment.

Compact 20 Pearl-Seaways-kobenhavn-oslo-dfds

For the needs of Crown INFUSER provided a total of five ONY-20s, wherein four of them operate in the kitchen, while the fifth one finds application in ozonating the water in the swimming pool in the SPA on board. In addition, three ACF-1000 ensure fresh air in the garbage compartment.

DFDS crown ozone generators compact20

IMG_4717 IMG_4722

SIEMENS Chemnitz canteen

Company canteens located inside closed production facilities might often spread disturbing smell of fried food during lunch hours. For instance, one of SIEMENS Chemnitz canteens faced the same issue and requested for a solution from INFUSER. There are three different ventilation duct with one ONY-20 servicing each duct. The installation includes four injectors and six ozone sensors 30ZX.

Air flow in the ventilation duct: the total flow in the air stream is 25 000 m3/h

Problem: The smell leaving the kitchen disturbed the employees who work at the SIEMENS plant.

Type of sale: A sales agent, Roland Krüger, run the installation with guidance from INFUSER installers.



INFUSER Compact20 grease removal smell reduction professional kitchensINFUSER Compact20 grease removal smell reduction professional kitchens INFUSER Compact20 grease removal smell reduction professional kitchens

Volkswagen AG Wolsburg

INFUSER equipped a canteen with a capacity of about 1500 employees at the research and development building at the Autostadt in Wolsburg. The ozone generators treat the exhaust air from the kitchen as well as the canteen itself.
There are two different ventilation ducts with three Compact20 serving one duct and two Compact20 serving the other duct. Each duct could run individually, given that all generators connected to the duct run simultaneously.

Air flow in the ventilation duct:  2 5000 m³/h

Problem: The exhaust air from the canteen circulated around the building after it left the top of the building. The smell of cooked food coming from the canteen entered the office building and interrupted the employees.

The technology introduced at the site allowed for keeping the duct clean and reduce drastically the odour.

Type of sale: ART system, INFUSER’s partner, carried out the installation. The company’s engineering department took the decision to collaborate with INFUSER because of the number of previous successful projects.

Domino's Skulagata 17, Reykjavik, Iceland

INFUSER, in cooperation with its Icelandic partner Ismar, installed the first Compact20 ozone generator at a newly opened Domino’s Pizza outlet in Reykjavik, Iceland this January. The restaurant has а cozy interior with a capacity of about 20 seating places. The majority of orders are “take-always” or “to door deliveries”.

Air flow in the ventilation duct: 3 500 m³/h


  1. The architect of the building did not allow the owners of the restaurant to construct ventilation on the outside wall of the building leading to the rooftop.
  2. There was no possibility to build in a ventilation exhaust to the roof of the building from the inside either.

The owners and the architect approved the ozone based solution. What is more, the already existing ventilation duct provided for the minimum required reaction time of three seconds for the ozone to function.

Type of sale: INFUSER via its Icelandic partner Ismar – a leading building and construction company.

grease removal and smell reduction INFUSER Dominos Compact20 ismar 4INFUSER Dominos Compact20 ismar 5