Grease removal professional kitchens

Manufactured in Sweden, COMPACT line is the optimal solution for grease removal and smell reduction in your professional kitchen exhaust.

The emission of smell and grease from your kitchen represent risks and costs for your business. The accumulation of grease in the duct system is an important fire hazard. For both safety and regulatory reason it is advisable that grease removal is performed regularly. The smell emission is often an unpleasant problem for customers, or neighbours and leading to closure of dozens of restaurants due to smell complains.

INFUSER’S advanced ozone technology for ventilation ducts ensures:



The most compact system in the market:

The heart of the INFUSER solution is the ozone generator. It produces a high quality ozone gas despite its very compact size – and it only uses electricity to produce ozone from the surrounding air. Installation and handling of the generator is quick and easy. And a user-friendly design and component build-up makes service a non-issue.

The generator is an all-in-one unit. It integrates a compressor and an oxygen concentrator that will create 95% pure oxygen (O2) from the ambient air. From this oxygen, ozone (O3) is produced by using a corona discharge. There is no need for other devices to produce the ozone.

Easy to install grease removal and smell reduction solution

The INFUSER solution is provided as a package with all necessary parts included. The system is easily implemented in either new or an existing kitchen exhaust. Once installed, the ozone gas is diffused on a continuous basis in the kitchen duct only when needed – censors initiate automatic “on and off” function.



Could this solution be installed in my kitchen?
The system could be installed in almost any commercial kitchen. The configuration of the ducting system needs to be examined (diameter and length of the duct after the hood, location of the exhaust and other), in order to assure the efficiency and safety of the system. Your local distributor will take you through the process.

How safe is the use of ozone gas?
The regulatory PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) in working place is 0.1 ppm of ozone. So the system includes a safety sensor that ensures this level is never reached in the occupied area.

In addition, the system is designed to release ozone only in the closed space of the duct system, so that people never get into a contact with ozone.

How is the ozone produced? Does it need any consumable?
Our ozone generator only consume electricity. There are no other consumables. The ozone (O3) is made from pure oxygen gas (O2). The ambient air contains ca. 20% of oxygen. To increase the ozone gas quality and its efficiency, our ozone generators include an oxygen concentrator that will create pure oxygen out of the ambient air.

Yes, it is that simple. You only need electricity and the COMPACT unit will permanently create ozone from the ambient air.

How often should Compact20 be serviced?
The ozone generators need to be serviced every 2.500 running hours. This translates into approximately once a year for a restaurant with regular operating hours. Our local distributors offer service contract.

How does the ozone remove the grease and smell?
Ozone is a powerful oxidant which break the carbon double bonds of the molecule. The long grease molecule are composed of many of this double bond. Therefore the long grease molecule is being cut in pieces and it results in smaller molecule which are more volatile and will be remove in the air flow.

Ozone will attack also the molecule responsible for the bad odour. These odorous molecules can have many different forms and there will be more or less sensible to ozone. It is the reason why it is hard to predict the precise effect of ozone on the smell abatement. However, our experience in dealing with the kind of problems, enable us to help you assess the efficiency in advance, taking into account the source of smell.


For purchases of more than 10 COMPACT 20 INFUSER can offer up to 12-month interest free financing. The financing is subject to credit approval and country of applicant. You can enquire about the financing by contacting