Climatic Industrial emissions control

INFUSER’s industrial emissions control technologies use advanced atmospheric oxidation to remove pollution from industrial emissions. This is achieved by combining the natural self-cleaning properties of the Earth’s atmosphere in a closed modular reactor system.

Industries across the world are under increased pressure to reduce pollution. Industrial facilities emit large amounts of unwanted gaseous waste and air pollution, e.g. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), hydrogen sulphide H2S, sulphur oxides (SOx), and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The threat of plant closure has often necessitated expensive emissions control systems with high capital and running costs, and limited efficiency.

INFUSER’s policy, when approached by a potential client, is to work and cooperate closely with both the site’s key executives and operators throughout the whole project. The insights from the different stakeholders is of a paramount importance for designing and executing the project. INFUSER is responsive to time constrains, as it is often the case that the emission problems our clients face require prompt action.

INFUSER’s system for industrial applications, CLIMATIC, uses Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation (GPAO) to remove pollution from industrial emissions. GPAO accelerates and harnesses the natural self-cleaning properties of the Earth’s atmosphere in a closed reactor system, and captures the emissions before they pollute the environment.

The system works on the basis of natural chemical reactions that occur in the gas phase. Thus, the CLIMATIC approach does not consume energy to force the air stream through static filters with a limited treatment capacity. The result is a reduced pressure drop and energy consumption, and a treatment system that can be actively tuned to match the load.

Initially, ozone is mixed with the polluted exhaust. The mixture is irradiated with high intensity UV light which transforms ozone into OH radical molecules. These are extremely reactive towards most pollutants, transforming these into aerosol particles which may be filtered off using an electrostatic precipitator. As a final treatment stage, ozone is removed by a catalyst.


The INFUSER solution, CLIMATIC, installed in industrial applications entail the following key benefits: