Mission, Vision, Values



INFUSER wants to define the international battlefield within Advanced Pollution Control


Our mission is to provide green, sustainable, effective and innovative air-cleaning solutions for:


At the heart of any commercial company with recognized craftsmanship, you will find honest social responsibility. As a company leaning on atmospheric sciences, we focus on replicating the atmosphere’s own principles to provide clean-air solutions embodied as green technologies. Not only for the sake of our own social and ethical responsibility, but especially for the benefit of our customers, who are struggling with heavy air pollutions, being it indoor or outdoor. We are committed to contributing positively to the environment – by purifying the air, eliminating bad odor from industrial emissions and decontaminating surfaces in prevention of multi-resistant bacteria and viruses.

Our contributions help companies to profit in different ways – from diminishing the number of employee illnesses and diseases in polluted buildings or urban centers, to removing bad smell and closing factories due to neighbor complaints or legal restrictions.