Healthier and more cost-effective indoor air quality – DOMISPHERE – Finalist in Nordic Cleantech Open

Nordic Cleantech Open welcomes INFUSER’s DOMISPHERE into the final in February 2017

UPDATE 16 Feb: DOMISPHERE makes it to the 2017 finals in Oslo, Norway – Nordic Cleantech Open Press Release

The Nordics is one of the World’s best nurseries for innovation and new business ideas, especially within cleantech. As a response to this prominent role, the Nordic Cleantech Open ( is held every year under the auspices of Cleantech Scandinavia ( The event, being a start-up competition for cleantech entrepreneurs originating from the Nordics and the Baltics, is known for its high percentage of high level international investors and industry stakeholders on the outlook for new ideas, innovations and maybe tomorrow’s groundbreaking product proposition within the cleantech sector.

Among hundreds of applications and many more individual company assessments for the 6th annual Nordic Cleantech Open event, INFUSER has made it through to the exclusive group of the Top 25 promising companies, chosen by a prominent set of jury members all with extensive cleantech experience and knowledge. So, this year INFUSER participate in the 2016/2017 Nordic Cleantech Open by our solution for improving indoor air quality in buildings. The abstract of our contribution to this year’S Nordic Cleantech Open reads:


Imagine indoor air being cleansed by the same atmospheric mechanisms found in nature. A solution that turns indoor air in polluted cities into closed atmospheric environments, protecting occupants from the ambient pollution. INFUSER introduces DOMISPHERE – an intelligent air handling system that provides clean indoor air, independent of the surrounding pollution.

DOMISPHERE has built-in sensors that detect and analyse air pollutants in the indoor and outdoor environment and respond with a corresponding cleaning power. If the sensor pack detects changes in the pollution, it self-regulates its cleaning power to neutralize all pollutants while keeping power consumption to a minimum. This happens through a process mirroring the self-cleansing mechanism of the atmosphere, by breaking down gas-phase pollutants and removing particles. DOMISPHERE reduces health-risks of living in polluted cities, fight allergies, and helps alleviate chemical sensitivities.

DOMISPHERE is aimed at residential, non-residential, and industrial facilities. Either installed as part of HVAC systems or as decentralized units.


INFUSER develops, produces and implements technologies for advanced pollution control and disinfection of bacteria, viruses and spores.

INFUSER Indoor Air Quality (HVAC)

INFUSER New benchmark installation for indoor air quality, The Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing