Odour abatement organic acids and aldehydes at a food factory, Sweden

Odour abatement organic acids and aldehydes

Torekows Lilla Chipsfabrik produces potato chips in a factory in Båstad, Sweden.  Sliced potatoes are deep fried in rapeseed oil which release a characteristic odorous exhaust as well as leave a greasy residue in the surrounding area. INFUSER’s analysis showed that the exhaust consists of a mixture of saturated and unsaturated aldehydes and alcohols. Although the air is supersaturated with water from the frying potatoes, these compounds are not water soluble and therefore remains unaffected in the gas phase if untreated.

The compounds are, however, all highly susceptible to oxidation by OH radicals. In the present solution, ozone is mixed into the exhaust and the mixture is exposed to UV lights. The produced OH radicals react with the pollution and oxidize this. Since the oxidized hydrocarbons are much more water soluble than the original pollution, the pollution can now be washed out in a wet scrubber.

The result is an exhaust containing only about 10% of the original pollution and a correspondingly reduced odour.