The high concentration ONY line

High concentration ozone generators: ONY are robust ozone generators that have all necessary parts integrated, and only need power to create high output with high concentration.

High concentration ozone generators – the ONY  line integrates all parts to produce high concentration of ozone and release it through a PTFE tube. Its internal compressor and oxygen concentrator as well as its air cooling system makes it a stand-alone unit, easy to install and to operate. There is no need for external source of oxygen or water.

Thanks to its tube output, the unit can be placed up to 40 meters away from the point of use, allowing an easy and flexible installation.

The safety is guaranteed by connecting additional safety sensors which will detect when the ozone exceed the safety level in occupied rooms. You can connect several sensors to the unit. You can also easily integrate the unit to your system in order to automatically turn the unit on & off or adjust the output.

high concentration ozone generators

It is well adapted for industrial applications. Its versatility and ease to use is really appreciated by our customers, and the ONY has been integrated in many different projects:

high concentration ozone generators

ONY units installed at different locations.

The high concentration ozone generators ONY are available in the following sizes: