Treatment of VOC prior activated carbon filter, Germany

Setting INFUSER CLIMATIC unit prior to activated carbon filter yields a number of benefits:

Type of production:
INFUSER has developed a solution for an award-winning manufacturing plant in Germany. A major manufacturer for the global market.

A planned scaling up of the production capacity at the plant already exists. INFUSER is involved in the project at two emission points.

Problem description:
The first emission point was already equipped with an activated carbon filter. The customer’s goal was to purify the exhaust before it enters the carbon filter, thus reducing the need for filter changes to an absolute minimum. The flow rate is 6 000 m3/h, the main contaminant is styrene with an average concentration of 100 mg/m3 during operation.

The second emission point was located behind a special battery testing area. In case of failure, the batteries can catch fire, which triggers an emergency fan. The resulting smoke is, however, heavily loaded with carcinogenic VOCs and heavy metals, and the exhaust therefore needs cleaning.

Provided with the data from the customer, INFUSER developed a site unique CLIMATIC system combining ozone, UV lights and the active carbon filter.

INFUSER connected upstream a CLIMATIC unit at the first emission point, to pre-clean the air stream before it reaches the carbon filter, keeping the carbon filter clean and limiting the pollution load by ozone oxidation.

Figure 1. Schematic model of the system



The on-site installation and testing of both installations was successfully completed in September 2015.

Figure 2. Air-flow model of the INFUSER photo-active carbon system
Photoactive carbon model HLT (2)