University of Copenhagen sharpens the focus on business collaborations and public-private partnerships

University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Science , released a new video about collaborations with private companies, showing the massive potentials that lie herein.

In the video, INFUSER is presented side-by-side with global Danish enterprises, such as Arla, Microsoft, Novozymes and Chr. Hansen. Innovation, science and extensive partnership with the University of Copenhagen are some of the common denominators, shared by the partaking companies in the video. Though, INFUSER distinguishes itself through its age of existence. While Arla, Microsoft and Novozymes have long established their market presence, INFUSER’s birth certificate was written only 5 years ago, when a patent commercialization agreement was signer with the university in 2012 (the Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation – GPAO patent). Our beginning was thus directly bonded to the University and has since further blossomed in multiple ways:


Why do contributing companies in the film value their close collaboration with University of Copenhagen? And which mutual wins could other companies gain from such partnership? Have a look at the video yourself to find the answers.

Gas Phase Advance Oxidation (GPAO) – the principle behind the patented air purification technology replicates the atmosphere’s natural self-cleaning processes

The video production credit: Anders Graver from HUMBUG FILM.