“SAFE-ROOOM” is to increase the food safety in the ingredient and food factories

“SAFE-ROOOM” development progresses at an anticipated pace.

INFUSER, Chr. Hansen, Frankly Juice, PH Metropol and the Biofilm Facility at the University of Copenhagen share common objectives in the “SAFE-ROOOM” project.
The consortium launched the project with the purpose of developing a solution for safe, fast and easy whole-room disinfection for food and ingredients factories. The Market Development Fund (Markedsmodningsfonden) is co-financing the project.

Please refer to the article announcing the kick-off of the project for more information.

The project advances in a good pace with relevant adjustments to the initial plan. The project kicked-off in January 2017 and the first general status meeting took place on the 19th of June 2017. The stakeholders took terms and informed each other about the developments. The next general status meeting is taking place on the 2nd of February 2018.

The team spirit between the parties marks the effective communication and is the foundation for the advancements made. Namely:

Tests reports that conclude on the learning are put in writing.


SAFE-ROOOM aims at providing a new and innovative solution to elevate the hygiene in the food and ingredient factories to unprecedented levels. SAFE-ROOOM would be a new mean to perform whole-room disinfection. It would offer a unique combination of benefits that no other competitive solutions could offer.


The SAFE-ROOOM addresses pathogens issues found in a broad spectrum of industries and local settings with a prime focus on air and surface disinfection in the food and ingredient industry. It elevates food safety to the benefit of the food industry, the consumers, the society and the environment.

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