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Climate for the future

We clean polluted air. The tiny wonder behind us is our ability to copy nature’s mechanism of breaking down pollution in the atmosphere. With our team of leading experts, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of what is possible within atmospheric science.
Our revolutionary technology has put us at the technological forefront of climate solutions. Today, we enable companies all over the world and in all industries to get the most out of their products and processes by helping them turn polluted air and gasses into pure air.
We help solve one of the world’s most pressing global challenges by breaking down pollution in all ventilated environments, leaving no absorbing filters or residues behind.

We make pollution disappear

We meet our customers and their needs where they are, whether it be electronics, ventilation, cars, office buildings, or factories. Our customers rely on us to help them develop new and more responsible solutions for the people and communities they serve. We modulate our patented, proven, and powerful technology to meet their specific standards and needs.

Air pollution poses a major threat to public health and climate (source: WHO).  It kills millions of people every year. It costs the world economy billions of dollars to treat its harmful effects. And it robs us of our most precious gift – the years of our lives.


The Hydroxyl Radical is often referred to as the detergent of the atmosphere

Humans, meet actionable data

Our offer to society is more than our unique technique to combat pollution and create a better climate to breathe in. Thanks to our unique digital platform, it is possible to monitor the air quality everywhere our technology is installed. That makes data actionable. It helps you understand what you are breathing by giving you data about what, where, and when air quality needs action, thereby only using the energy and resources necessary.



We work together.

  • We stand together and work as a team.
  • We commit ourselves to go the extra mile for validated solutions, we can all be proud of.
  • We are service-minded and exert ourselves in everything we do.
  • We take accountability for our actions, conducts, goals, deliverables and promises – to ourselves, to our customers, partners and stakeholders near and far.


INFUSER wants to define the international battlefield within Advanced Pollution Control.

We work for a cleaner world and a cleaner atmosphere.


Our mission is to provide green, sustainable, effective and innovative air-cleaning solutions for:

  • Polluting industries and urban centers.
  • Indoor environments of all sizes.
  • Environments burdened by infections, viruses, fungi and bacteria.

We are scientists at heart

We are proud to originate from the Department of Science from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Today, we are still based in Copenhagen. However, we work all over the world. Our technology alone will not solve climate change, but it will make air pollution disappear in the ventilated environments that install it.

In 2016, INFUSER received the Copenhagen Business Award.

In 2016, INFUSER received the Copenhagen Business Award. The award was given to INFUSER for business innovation and for being able to bridge academic research with tangible product solutions. In 2017, INFUSER was among the finalists to receive technology and innovations rewards in both Norway and China.

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