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INFUSER is a unique air-purification company, pioneering novel clean-tech solutions that bridge the gap between science and industry

INFUSER’s international team of scientists is based in Denmark and works in close collaboration with both industry and academia, with its base and laboratories located in the heart of the Copenhagen Science City.

INFUSER’s science is focused on a two-pronged approach of hydroxyl radical reactions and photolysis to designing technologies that can accelerate the removal processes found in the atmosphere. Due to the prevalence and reaction rates of the hydroxyl radical it is the most important pollution removal pathway found in the atmosphere, and therefore the hydroxyl radical has received the epithet “the detergent of the atmosphere”.

In close collaboration with leading international industrial partners, INFUSER is successfully undertaking tests in increasingly more complex industries. In addition, INFUSER is rapidly commissioning new industrial installations and performing an increasing number of laboratory based simulations. These projects have enabled INFUSER to essentially eliminate all pollution from industrial production facilities at full scale implementation.



The Hydroxyl Radical is often refereed to as the detergent of the atmosphere



We work together.

  • We stand together and work as a team.
  • We commit ourselves to go the extra mile for validated solutions, we can all be proud of.
  • We are service-minded and exert ourselves in everything we do.
  • We take accountability for our actions, conducts, goals, deliverables and promises – to ourselves, to our customers, partners and stakeholders near and far.


INFUSER wants to define the international battlefield within Advanced Pollution Control.

We work for a cleaner world and a cleaner atmosphere.


Our mission is to provide green, sustainable, effective and innovative air-cleaning solutions for:

  • Polluting industries and urban centers.
  • Indoor environments of all sizes.
  • Environments burdened by infections, viruses, fungi and bacteria.


At the heart of any commercial company with recognized craftsmanship, you will find honest social responsibility. As a company leaning on atmospheric sciences, we focus on replicating the atmosphere’s own principles to provide clean-air solutions embodied as green technologies. Not only for the sake of our own social and ethical responsibility, but especially for the benefit of our customers, who are struggling with heavy air pollutions, being it indoor or outdoor.

We are committed to contributing positively to the environment – by purifying the air, eliminating bad odor from industrial emissions, and decontaminating surfaces in prevention of multi-resistant bacteria and viruses.

Our contributions help companies to profit in different ways – from diminishing the number of employee illnesses and diseases in polluted buildings or urban centers, to removing bad smell and closing factories due to neighbor complaints or legal restrictions.


In 2016, INFUSER received the Copenhagen Business Award.

In 2016, INFUSER received the Copenhagen Business Award. The award was given to INFUSER for business innovation and for being able to bridge academic research with tangible product solutions. In 2017, INFUSER was among the finalists to receive technology and innovations rewards in both Norway and China.

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