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CLIMATIC is the industrial branch of INFUSER clean air solutions

Helping industries to provide cleaner air

CLIMATIC offers industrial production companies a scientifically proven, globally patented, and cost-effective solution to environmental management for them to get a competitive edge. CLIMATIC can essentially reduce or even eliminate pollution from industrial production facilities when the technology is fully implemented.

Industrial pollution emissions is a major reason for CLIMATE changes . But polluted air from industry can also causes allergies, headaches, pneumonia, and respiratory diseases. Poor-indoor air quality in factories can cause both minor and major health problems leading to discomfort, distraction, and ultimately interfere with your worker’s productivity, causing it to decline. INFUSER has great focus on polluting industries.

CLIMATIC stand apart from all other companies in the filtration industry. The secret lies in a unique way of copying nature’s way of breaking down pollution, leaving no absorbing filters or residues behind. CLIMATIC breaks down dangerous, pollutant gasses and captures particles, leaving a healthier climate both inside and outside the industrial buildings.

A cost-effective
climate solution

CLIMATIC offers a total cost of ownership solution that makes a choice a very economical investment. With the CLIMATIC solution there are fewer or no filter-changes, no need to dispose filter material as hazardous waste and there is no energy consuming thermal process applied. In most applications, the CLIMATIC systems offers a total cost of ownership, that is significantly lower than conventional filter solutions.

Build your own
tailored solution

Extremely high temperatures? Very wet surfaces? A high degree of dangerous gasses? Or perhaps a combination? CLIMATIC offers you a modular system that we can tailor to meet any need you have. Our solution can optimize all of your premises, tackling virtually any pollution type you face, whether you have a single production line or an entire factory hall.

Manage and oversee your pollution control

Due to the unique sensor technology, plant managers can monitor and carry out air quality control programs to make sure your production lives up to all rules and requirements. Each module is equipped with sensors that enable the units to respond to variations in the production cycle. With all processes and pollution data monitored and recorded, you can sleep well at night and rest assured that your production adheres to regulatory air emission and air quality requirements. All air quality data can be accessed at all times via the CLIMATIC web interface.

Big Data helps you
to be compliant

Data from the sensors enables you to create an environmentally-friendly emissions and indoor climate. When production goes down, so does emissions, and the treatment intensity decrease accordingly, saving you and the world precious energy and resources. Data is then collected and enables your plant manager to remote control and monitor each unit individually. You can use the live readouts of pollution data both internally to report to top management and board of directors and externally to government stakeholders.

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