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Intelligent system offering air purification on demand

We breathe air to live – and what we breathe directly affects our health.

Air pollution is one of the greatest challenges faced by mankind today. It is attributable to around one in eight of all global deaths per annum, equivalent to nearly 7 million premature deaths. And it is estimated that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution levels exceed the limits recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Health risks from indoor air pollution are likely to be greatest in cities, especially where risks associated with solid fuel combustion coincide with risks associated with modern buildings. Everyday exposure to multiple chemicals, most of which are present indoors, may contribute to increasing prevalence of asthma, autism, cancer and other illnesses.

Indoor pollution is released from a variety of sources such as vinyl tile, cooking, tobacco smoke and perfumes. When this pollution is mixed with the pollution that is pumped into the building from the polluted ambient outside city air via the HVAC system, a lethal cocktail of toxic gasses and particles is formed.

By mirroring the atmosphere’s self-cleaning mechanisms, DOMISPHERE aims to turn buildings in polluted cities into closed atmospheric environments protected from the pollution outside whilst cleaning the pollution that occurs on the inside.

The DOMISPHERE targets the home appliances market with a new and ground-breaking technology that ensures superior indoor air cleaning, initially aimed at private homes and residential housing – and which can be used in offices, shops, other commercial spaces, and public buildings too. Moreover, DOMISPHERE works towards a seamless integration of its technology into air conditioning and/or HVAC-systems to offer a broader field of indoor air cleaning application.

The DOMISPHERE technology will be the solution where people – even in the most polluted cities – can live in their homes and still be protected from both gaseous and particle pollution found in abundance in urban ambient air


  • Turns buildings into closed atmospheric environments independent of the polluted surroundings
  • Eliminates pollution that occurs inside the building by a stand-alone solution for the individual room(s) – or by recirculating and cleaning the air as an integral part of the building’s AC / HVAC systems
  • A system of sensors placed inside and outside the building activates the cleaning system when pollution levels require it.


DOMISPHERE harnesses nature’s self-cleaning properties to purify air

The atmosphere plays a vital role in protecting and sustaining life on Earth. The DOMISPHERE technology from INFUSER uses Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation to remove pollution from the ambient indoor air (stand-alone solution) or from an air stream (HVAC integrated solution).

The cleaning of the air happens through the combination and acceleration of the self-cleansing properties of the Earth’s atmosphere in a closed system. Air is led through the system for purification before being let out in the room or entering the building via an HVAC system as clean and breathable air.

The gaseous oxidation process transforms ozone (O3), a highly effective oxidant, into •OH radicals by irradiation with high intensity UV light.

•OH radicals are extremely reactive towards gas-phase pollutants, transforming them into particles, which are removed together with other particulate matter by an electrostatic precipitator.

Any residual ozone from the process is converted catalytically to harmless oxygen (O2) in a final treatment stage, leaving clean, particle free air as a result. The DOMISPHERE Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation occurs without obstruction to the airflow, and pressure drop across the electrostatic precipitator is minimal.

Pollution loads in cities and urban centers peak at different times of the day, often varying with the seasons. This calls for intelligent air pollution solutions that take such shifting patterns and pollution parameters into account. In an effective combination with other technologies, e.g. air conditioning (HVAC integrated solution), DOMISPHERE’s advanced oxidation technology is – through the application of an intelligent control system – positioning the DOMISPHERE as a ground-breaking air cleaning proposition for the benefit of not only the occupants of a building, but also its owners and operators.

Domishere fresh air in buildings


  1. Air-intake
  2. HVAC / DOMISPHERE modules
  3. Valve (open/closed; ambient air-intake)
  4. PLC automation system
  5. Ballast and electricity supplies
  6. Indoor sensor – CO2
  7. Outdoor sensor – VOCs/PM/NOx
  8. Valve (open/closed; building air-intake)

The DOMISPHERE concept turns buildings into closed atmospheric environments independent of the polluted surroundings. It does so based on cleaning patterns of the DOMISPHERE set up to mirror the specific location’s pollution characteristics. If the DOMISPHERE system senses pollution levels to be either high or low, it can regulate its cleaning power accordingly and continue its cleaning runs until pollution levels are satisfactory.

CO2 levels in a building are determined by occupancy and activity. Ambient air will only be supplied to the building’s ventilation system, and thus to the HVAC integrated DOMISPHERE solution, when CO2 thresholds are exceeded.

Add to this a continuous reduction of indoor pollution by means of air recirculation and thereby circular air purification by the DOMISPHERE.

In totality, the DOMISPHERE concept offers customary air cleaning, and whilst doing so, it optimizes energy consumption. As an extra value-add, the on-demand cleaning patterns are set to maximize the lifetime of the DOMISPHERE in each individual case.

The DOMISPHERE Key Advantages

✔ Turns buildings into closed atmospheric environments, independent of polluted surroundings

✔ Recirculation ensures effective cleaning of indoor air pollution

✔ Gas phase oxidation ensures low or now pressure drops, benefiting overall energy consumption

✔ Variable cleaning intensity / pattern depending on pollution loads

✔ Builds-up no waste or hazardous by-products

✔ Modular and scalable design

✔ Increases life-time of existent ventilation filters by removing particles from incoming air

✔ Easy to integrate and install into existent HVAC systems

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