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Room to live, room to read, room to work. Take a breath inside a room with The Shield and feel how your well-being enhances.

Through our subsidiary, Domisphere, we offer a beautifully Danish designed air purifier created for indoor rooms. Created to tackle the growing air pollution, The Shield provides a natural way to purify the air at your workplace, hotel room, or other ventilated indoor environment, so you can breathe clean air.

No need for filter replacements

As minuscule particles from outdoor smog, particles and VOCs quickly travel inside and create havoc on our bodies, The Shield keeps you safe with its unique technology and stylish Danish design.

Contrary to many other air purifiers, you don’t have to change any filters several times a year with The Shield. Filters can potentially distribute mold, mildew spores, bacteria and other pathogens. Dirty filters may have to be burned and handled with care and can become an annoying and seamlessly unnecessary task when handling an air purifier.

You are happily free of dirty replaceable filters with The Shield. Instead, we have based the proven and patented technology behind The Shield on the atmosphere’s self-cleaning principles. By copying nature’s mechanism to break down polluted air, The Shield removes all unwanted substances from the air – including pollutant gasses and particles – leaving only clean air to breathe and no dirty filters.

The Shield – the intelligent air purifier

the shield indoor air cleaningWhen the toxic air outside is filling up, the indoor air quality can be deteriorating quickly. Pollutant levels can change dramatically from one hour to the next.
The Shield is an intelligent, dynamic, and autonomous air purifier system. Equipped with advanced particle and gas sensors, The Shield is continuously measuring air quality. And over time it is adapting its cleaning cycles and patterns according to your surroundings. It will power up and down in accordance with pollution loads, which will save energy and increase efficiency. The Shield help you create a healthy and more cost-effective work environment.
We make air quality data available
The data generated by The Shield is uploaded to the cloud (database) and made available to you – be it on your smartphone, your laptop, or your building management system. This opens a whole new world of possibilities and insight. Smaller-scale data can be important for making decisions that might have a significant influence on our health and behavior. And even though The Shield is automatically adjusting its cleaning patterns to your surroundings, real-time information about the air quality in your rooms is still made available to you on your preferred screen or dashboard.

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