We help to
one of the world’s most pressing
global climate challenges:
Air pollution

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Clean air is precious – we create a healthier climate by uniquely turning polluted air into pure air. Our technology can be applied for in-door environments with THE SHIELD, in industries with the CLIMATIC, and as OEM solutions where INFUSER INSIDE can be built into any ventilated environment.

We stand apart from all other companies in the industry due to our ability to copy nature’s mechanism of breaking down pollution, leaving no absorbing filters or residues behind. Our scientifically proven and globally patented technology not only cleans polluted air, it also breaks down dangerous and pollutant gasses and captures particles.


As global pollution continues to rise:

  • millions of people die prematurely because of toxic air
  • pollution accumulates in the earth’s atmosphere causing global warming.

Together with our customers, we can help change that. Our customers come to us because they want to transform their ventilated environments into sustainable & active environmental assets.


  • You can adapt to new demands for cleaner air by turning your ventilated environments into sustainable solutions?
  • We can help you fight pollution by tailoring solutions that fit accurately to your specific standards
  • We can add Clean-tech to your business by putting INFUSER INSIDE your product or building.


Since 2012, we have been on a mission to provide green, sustainable, effective, and innovative air-cleaning solutions for all ventilated environments. We work for a cleaner world and atmosphere, and we are committed to taking responsibility.

At INFUSER we are scientists at heart, we are proud of our close association with the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.  We make an impact with what we burn for: innovative science and long-lasting cooperation with customers around the world.

Latest headlines

  • 06.02.2020 Climatic

    MANE and CLIMATIC teamed up to reduce CO2 footprint and eliminate odor

    December 2019 – Infuser and MANE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flavor & fragrances, started cooperating to develop a product that can eliminate odor from the production lines. […] >>>

  • Samsung as shareholder

    09.01.2020 Corporate

    Samsung Ventures invests in INFUSER

    We’re delighted to announce that Samsung is now among our owners - this is excellent news for INFUSER and for the environment. Air pollution is reaching epidemic proportions globally. Together with Samsung, we will be able to scale our business faster internationally to reduce air pollution markedly. >>>

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