The system for activated carbon filter pretreatment

Activated carbon filter pretreatment system which reduces the cost of air cleaning with up to 80%

INFUSER’s activated carbon filter pretreatment system is modular, and it can in most cases be delivered off-the shelf for easy and flexible installation. The PHOTO-ACTIVE CARBON solution from INFUSER can be combined with an already installed coal-filter, or it can be supplied together with a new coal-filter module.

The system is available with a simple monitoring system capable of adapting power and energy consumption in accordance with the pollution load. This feature is suitable for manufacturers with variable peak emissions.

Key benefits:

activated carbon filter pretreatment



A major German manufacturer quickly saw the benefits of the system and was one of the first to order the PHOTO-ACTIVE CARBON solution from INFUSER. Given the level of pollution at hand, the manufacturer in question was required to replace the activated carbon in his existing solution with 1,300 kilos per month, representing a running monthly cost of Euro 5,525.

Since the instalment of its PHOTO-ACTIVE CABON solution in October 2015, INFUSER has closely monitored and analyzed the efficiency of its system. The result of the analysis suggests that the German manufacturer can expect a reduction in his monthly operating costs by Euro 3,172. Based on an investment level of Euro 40,000, the manufacturer can look forward to an attractive pay-back period within 12 months by acquiring the PHOTO-ACTIVE CARBON solution from INFUSER.


INFUSER can, at request, undertake a more in-depth analysis of the emission air and provide a full and comprehensive pollution report, against a fee.

The pollution report from INFUSER can serve as qualitative and quantitative documentation of the type of pollution emitted in each case, just as the pollution report can establish the basis for a decision as to the capacity of PHOTO-ACTIVE CARBON installation that will be required in each case, including an overview of capital and operating costs.

INFUSER has assembled a leading team of atmospheric scientists and engineers devoted to atmospheric chemistry, and the development of Advanced Pollution Control solutions. This team of scientists and engineers is able to consult manufacturing companies on pollution control issues and actively participate in the dialog with legislative authorities.


INFUSER is able to offer manufacturers the PHOTO-ACTIVE CARBON solution on a subscription contract where the manufacturer essentially outsources the management of a given pollution problem to INFUSER. With the subscription offer from INFUSER, the manufacturer will not have to invest capital in equipment or spend time and money on equipment maintenance and management. Against a monthly fee, INFUSER will take care of the pollution control and management.

The INFUSER subscription offer includes:

  • Online monitoring of the emissions at all times
  • Monthly emission report (can be used for TÜV and general documentation)
  • Service of the system (on demand or according to set intervals)
  • Spare-parts (normal wear and tear
  • Refurbishment or collection after contract termination
  • All capital items (the above installations)
  • System can be remodified at any time given 90 days notice.

*the INFUSER subscription offer is subject to credit approval