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General advantages with the CLIMATIC applications

INFUSER has developed a comprehensive system which has the following advantages:

  • Up to 70% savings on annual operating costs
  • A modular based system that can be applied up-stream in production achieving close to zero emission
  • Sequential breakdown of pollution without the use of thermal oxidizers or conventional absorbers
  • Removal of hazardous pollution and greatly reduced waste stream relative to current methods
  • Ability to adjust cleaning power and efficiency to match the pollution load
  • Scalable modular design
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Extensive online monitoring system

Foundries: Complying with regulations to reduce emissions

Foundries around the world are the backbone of modern metallurgy, casting molten iron into engine blocks, tools and many other everyday objects. The process generates hazardous, health-threatening air pollution which can contain carcinogenic benzene (BTEX) and foul smelling amines.

INFUSER has developed an energy efficient and effective emission control system to reduce the air pollution from core shooters and core stoves which complies with industrial standards. The implementation is now conducted by our German partner, Xpuris GmbH (, owned by ASK Chemicals GmbH.


Polymers: Reducing costs and pollution in one go

The making and molding of plastics and polymers, such as polystyrene and epoxy, may lead to significant amounts of hazardous and odorous VOCs being emitted to the air. For example, production of large objects, such as wind turbine blades, boat hulls and swimming pools may lead to large volumes of low concentration pollution which can be extremely costly to deal with using conventional technologies.

For many production facilities, a CLIMATIC installation is a practical and economically viable alternative to the conventional technologies. Depending on the nature of the production and pollution, INFUSER will adapt the CLIMATIC solution to target the problem and ensure compliance with lowest possible cost and trouble for the client.

Formaldehyde: Address a growing concern

Formaldehyde is one of the smallest VOCs and is a commonly used chemical in various industrial processes, in particular for polymerization processes, e.g. in foundries and wood processing plants. Formaldehyde is, however, a potent carcinogen and the emission threshold has in recent years been reduced, forcing production facilities to target this compound with greater emphasis than previously.

The CLIMATIC technology of INFUSER has been adapted to target formaldehyde emissions from such sources. The resulting solution may use either of the UVR or GEC technologies, depending on the production and emission profile. In many cases the CLIMATIC technology will prove far more cost effective and flexible than conventional technologies.

Organic solvents: Simple solutions for complex problems

VOC and toxic air emissions from paint and coating lines are among the leading environmental concerns.

CLIMATIC has over the past year worked with top German brands within the automotive industry to find a solution for VOCs removal from their paint shops.

CLIMATIC technology of INFUSER is a cost effective and efficient system for low emissions.


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