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Full depth disinfection cycle

Destruction and inactivation of microorganisms


The Full Depth Disinfection Cycle (FDDC) is the technology behind the STERISAFE product range. Research in this field combines many different fields, from plasma science for the ozone generation, and understanding the reaction of the disinfectant and the removal of all harmful byproducts with (atmospheric) chemistry to the effect of the FDDC on microorganisms with microbiology.


The research conducted on the FDDC is done, to better understand the mechanisms involved in the destruction and inactivation of microorganisms. With this knowledge, the process can be adjusted and specified to make the scientifically soundproof and advance its abilities to destroy the microorganisms more efficiently.


Future generations of the STERISAFE Product groups advance in the following categories, reducing the treatment time, efficacy of one cycle, safety, ease of use. Thus, all these parts are addressed in the research conducted. The highest priority is to achieve the highest level of disinfection in the shortest amount of time possible. This task takes most of the researching time including test of new technologies, literature research, development of fitting procedures and SOPs. Besides this, the effective removal of by-products is researched and new technologies in this field are tested. The ease-of-use for all stakeholders is raised by adding unique features that give everyone the best user experience.

Tangible goals:

The goal is to have a wide variety of FDDC products that can disinfect in different applications. Currently we are working on a smaller, cheaper and more practical STERISAFE Product that serves smaller rooms than the current STERISAFE Pro.

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