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Development of a cost-effective solution for measuring gases

Gas Sensor technologies and data acquisition


The objective of the project is to develop a cost-effective solution for measuring and recording concentrations of relevant parameters.


Finding sensors with adequate sensitivity and range has proven to be a challenge. This means that currently sensor- and data-acquisition systems constitute a relatively large fraction of the completed systems under development by Infuser.


Through collaboration with sensor manufacturers and consultants from engineering and design companies, proprietary sensors and data acquisition systems will be developed. The developed packages will be tested and validated using laboratory grade equipment in Infuser’s dedicated air-quality laboratory.

Expected outcome:

Cost-effective sensor packages for all business units in Infuser.

Tangible goals:

First goal of the project is the development of a sensor and data acquisition package for The Shield.

Second step is the development of a cost-effective safety sensor for ozone, for use in the Domisphere projects.

Following these targets, packages will be developed for all other business units as needs arise and become tangible.

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