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Life cycle analysis

Cradle-to-grave impact assessments of Infuser technologies


This project will employ life cycle analysis (LCA) to create cradle-to-grave impact assessments of Infuser technologies in order to drive innovations towards low water-, energy- and resource-use.


LCA is used to assess environmental impacts associated with the stages of a product’s life. It quantifies all the inputs and outputs of material flows and how they affect the environment.
Infuser would like to ensure that our technologies for reducing air pollution are being developed in a sustainable way with conscious resource use.


Documentation regarding production of all materials involved in manufacturing Infuser technologies will be compiled and analyzed using state-of-the-art LCA programs, OpenLCA and Brightway2, to measure their COfootprint. The outcomes of these analyses will be compared to business-as-usual (BAU) scenarios and to our competitors’ products to quantify the benefit our products offer to industry and companies around the world. In addition, results will be analyzed to determine hot-spots for resource use in order to pin-point where design improvements can be made.

Expected Outcome:

This project will allow us to understand where our largest environmental impact is in the production of our products. It will help us to make changes and improve our product design and development in the future.

Tangible Goals:

The life cycle analysis will help Infuser understand the lifetime impact of our products and indicate where we can make progress to reduce our environmental impact. We can compare the LCA of our products to existing solutions on the market and quantify the ways in which Infuser solutions offer improved solutions to air pollution reduction.



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