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Testing UV-lamps

Quality control of  UV-lamps


The aim of this project is to investigate and compare the efficiency of UV-lamps emitting light at different wavelengths.


Comparing the currently available lamps allows us to choose the perfect lamps for our air cleaning solutions. The lamp experiments are conducted to investigate and compare the performance of the low-pressure Amalgam lamps and Xenon Excimer lamps. These lamps emit light at 185 and 254 nm, and 172 nm, respectively.
Furthermore, different parameters affecting the lamp efficiency is tested to verify that the lamps can achieve optimal efficiency under different conditions.


The UV lamps are placed inside an exposure chamber, where factors effecting the performance can be controlled. The focus of this project is to explore the effectiveness of the lamps as a measure of lamp efficient ozone production as well as UV intensity along with an investigation of the impact of adjusting different factors.

Expected outcome:

Based on the experiments, we aim to get a better overview of the lamp performances as well as to explain how to get the best output. After selecting the lamps, further testing of degradation products can be carried out.

Tangible goals:

The results from the UV-lamp tests is going to result in datasheets showing the lamp performances as well as comparisons of the lamps.

Project leader:
Project members:
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