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World first filter-less air cleaner

Turning rooms and buildings into closed atmospheric ecosystems


The objective is to develop the Shield, an indoor air purifier that utilities the excimer technology developed by Infuser. The Shield should turn a building into a closed atmospheric ecosystem, where clean air is delivered on demand and the indoor air quality is independent of outdoor pollution levels.


With the excimer technology developed by Infuser, it is possible to develop a product that removes the pollution through a 2-stage oxidation process. This reduces the need for filter replacements, which in turns allow us to create a product with little maintenance and high efficiency.


The development of the new product is based on an integrated design process, where there is strong collaboration between the scientists who developed the core technology, engineers with both an electrical and mechanical background, industrial designers and business developers.

A structured approach allows us to focus on the details of the product and develop an indoor air cleaner that seamlessly blends in and solve the problem of indoor pollution.

Expected outcome:

The goal is to create a pollution free indoor environment, where both outdoor and indoor pollution is quietly removed in the background, to give a safe working and living environment.

Tangible goals:

First prototype 1stof March

Full production 1stof September

Project leader:
Project members:
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