odour reduction from biogas plants 3


18. 08 2017

A biogas plant in Sweden and a biogas plant in Norway appreciate the effectiveness of INFUSER’s ozone generators for reducing the the smelly odours from their waste storage tanks

CLIMATIC removes hydrogen sulfides


12. 06 2017

Traditional carbon filters replaced with CLIMATIC. CLIMATIC removes malodorous compounds from another Danish factory.



19. 05 2017

CLIMATIC is in demand among iconic car brands that go for a green profile. A paint-shop plant, belonging to one of the World’s most legendary brands, recently demoed CLIMATIC to know its air-purification advantages.

indoor air quality INFUSER CLIMATIC Danish Royal Embassy in Beijing h

Indoor air quality: removal of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, China

16. 03 2016

CLIMATIC boosts significantly healthier indoor air quality in the visa building of the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing As a world’s first, INFUSER installed its CLIMATIC pollution control system on the roof of the visa building of the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing in January 2016. Designed as an air purification solution requiring no structural […]


Grease removal and smell reduction in the kitchen exhaust

03. 11 2015

Ozone Generators case stories for smell reduction and grease removal in professional kitchens and canteens There exist a discussion on the optimal way of grease removal and smell reduction from kitchen exhausts and ventilation ducts. INFUSER’s latest ozone technology is an example of a highly functional and cost effective way for prevention of the formation […]

Carbon active solution - savings on air cleaning

Treatment of VOC prior activated carbon filter, Germany

16. 10 2015

Setting INFUSER CLIMATIC unit prior to activated carbon filter yields a number of benefits: Reduces activated carbon filter costs with up to 70% by: – decreasing the load on the active carbon filter – continuously cleaning the filter with excess ozone Improves pressure drop and energy savings Reduced odour problems from leaks in carbon filter […]

Amines Odour abatement at a foundry

Odour abatement at a foundry (amines), Germany

23. 09 2015

Georg Fischer is one of Europe’s largest producers of auto parts. Undergoing a three months trial with a full size installation, INFUSER managed to document a 90% amines removal. In the present solution, ozone is mixed into the exhaust and the mixture is exposed to UV lights. The produced OH radicals react with the pollution […]

fruit decontamination

Dates fruit decontamination, Saudi Arabia

03. 09 2015

Fruit decontamination – packaging Type of production: Al-Hassa plant is a date fruit packing factory owned by the Saudi Government. It is located in the biggest oasis of the world, close to Dammam. The Saudi dates farmers every year brings 14.000 tons of date to this factory. It is then sorted, washed, dried and packed. […]

Cleaning ballast water

Odour abatement at an oil recovery (organosulfurs and hydrocarbons), Denmark

13. 08 2015

The Danish company Jysk Miljørens A/S took in 2012 a strong lead in fighting pollution when ordering the world´s first advanced atmospheric oxidation system from INFUSER. Type of production: Ballast water cleansing (separation of oil, from waste water, into recycled and purified oil) Problem description and the case company: 15 000 m3/h heavy marine diesel […]

Foundry pollution test unit

Foundry tests

23. 07 2015

A number of tests has been carried out across European foundries. The target has been to eliminate the carcinogenic benzenes and other aromatic hydrocarbons in the emission air. The tests have demonstrated that INFUSER’s CLIMATIC system is able to remove the BTEX at the rate of +85%. The system that INFUSER uses for the tests […]

Odour abatement at a fermentation facility (organic acids), Denmark

14. 04 2015

European Protein A/S produces a dried, lactic acid fermented protein feed for livestock: pigs, poultry, fish and other. The production admits humid and warm air containing harmless but smelly compounds from the drying of the feed. The factory has not been allowed to establish a chimney due to that the factory is located close to […]

odour abatement organic acids and aldehydes

Odour abatement organic acids and aldehydes at a food factory, Sweden

03. 04 2015

Odour abatement organic acids and aldehydes Torekows Lilla Chipsfabrik produces potato chips in a factory in Båstad, Sweden.  Sliced potatoes are deep fried in rapeseed oil which release a characteristic odorous exhaust as well as leave a greasy residue in the surrounding area. INFUSER’s analysis showed that the exhaust consists of a mixture of saturated […]