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Compact20 grease removal and smell reduction in kitchens in Iceland

INFUSER, in cooperation with its Icelandic partner Ismar, installed the first Compact20 ozone generator at a newly opened Domino’s Pizza outlet in Reykjavik, Iceland this January. The restaurant has а cozy interior with a capacity of about 20 seating places. The majority of orders are “take-aways” or “to door deliveries”.

Compact20 INFUSER Dominos ismar 1

The total volume of the ventilation duct in the kitchen of the restaurant is 3 500 m3/h. There are two key reasons why the restaurant managers opted for the INFUSER’s solution to remove and prevent the layering of grease in the ventilation, and reduce the kitchen smell:

  1. The architect of the building did not allow the owners to construct ventilation on the outside wall of the building leading to the rooftop.
  2. There was no possibility to build in a ventilation exhaust to the roof of the building from the inside either.

The owners and the architect approved the ozone based solution. What is more, the already existing ventilation duct provided for the minimum required reaction time of three seconds for the ozone to function.
Compact20 INFUSER Dominos ismar 4

About Domino’s:

Domino’s is a leading company in the fast food market in Iceland. The first Domino’s shop in Iceland opened on the 16th of August 1993. The number of outlets in the country stands at 19 at the moment. They key value drivers for the restaurants from the chain are high service and hygiene standards, together with great emphasis on preparing delicious food with top quality ingredients in each and every outlet.

INFUSER Dominos Compact20 ismar 3

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