Decontamination and disinfection robot for hospitals

STERISAFE™-Pro is a no-touch decontamination and disinfection robot

The importance of environmental surface disinfection in patient care facilities has emerged as a significant component in the strategy for prevention of health care-associated infections (HAI). The focus on disinfection of environmental surfaces has shifted from traditional surface disinfectants and cleaners to holistic area decontamination and disinfection robot – like systems.
A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that cross contamination of microorganisms from environmental surfaces can be directly related to patient infection. Moreover, bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. have shown to continue to live more than a year under particulate conditions, while Fungi such as Candida spp. may persist in hospitals for up to four months.

Disinfection robot

Surfaces such as bed rails, bed surfaces, over-the-bed tables, intravenous fluid poles and pumps, light switches, door knobs, and supply carts are examples of “high-touch” surfaces that have been identified as having the greatest potential for transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. A patient that occupies a room where there was previously a patient with an infection is under high risk of acquiring the same infection due to the colonisation of the living microorganisms.

Studies demonstrate that less than 50% of surfaces in patient care rooms are being adequately cleaned because of inadequacies in traditional cleaning/disinfection methods and procedures. Modern, gaseous technologies are being used increasingly for room decontamination in the healthcare setting due to cycle speed and surface coverage.

STERISAFE™ is the no-touch, no-chemicals, gaseous Ozone (O3) technology robot which saves and protects lives by combating the invisible infections. A decontaminated room immensely diminishes the risks of HAIs.
It is an affordable, high-tech method for the disinfection of rooms, buildings, furniture and furnishings contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and germs.

Deploying INFUSER’s decontamination and disinfection robot STERISAFE™  (see video) in a patient institution would result in improvement in the factors of efficiency such as:

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STERISAFE™ is a patented invention with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office Pat. No. US 9,233,182