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Constant exposure to gas emissions, derived by food factories, can be unbearable for most people.

The thought of freshly baked bread, rich dark chocolate or newly roasted coffee is rarely associated with the smell of rotten eggs. And luckily, it shouldn’t. The smell of rotten eggs shall, however, set the sentiment for, how it can smell like, when certain types of foods are processed at a factory.

Food processing is often accompanied by emissions of large amounts of hydrogen sulfide gasses (H2S), which are commonly known to have the same odoriferous character as rotten eggs. Food companies that generate such gasses during production can therefore receive complaints from neighbors due to the intolerable smell. Emitting such bad odor on a regular basis is of course a sensitive and unpopular subject that can put food producers in a dilemma towards the authorities. A concern that is shared by some of the biggest food companies in the world across all categories – from meat, dairies and beer to corn, ingredients and all the way through to pet food.

INFUSER has found a sustainable and scientifically documented solution for air purification and smell elimination. Our advanced oxidation modules, CLIMATIC, clean the air and remove malodorous compounds with the same technique as applied by nature.

Read about one of our latest collaboration cases, where CLIMATIC removed malodorous compounds from a Danish factory.

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