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INFUSER – Turn your water into a powerful solution.

Majority of the world population  has experienced food poisoning at least once in their lifetime. This happens when  food gets contaminated by pathogenic bacteria, viruses or even chemicals.  Foodborne diseases significantly affect people’s health and well-being. In addition to this, it can also weigh down and wreak havoc on the food industry. This highlights the importance of implementing efficient disinfection technologies to guarantee safety throughout the  food production chain.

The food industry is actively researching and developing new methods to ensure the safety and sanitation of their products. Microbial growth and resultant contamination of end-products during food processing adversely affects their shelf life and food safety. This is a matter of concern especially in freshly prepared organic products where the production process involves fast and careful handling of the raw materials.

INFUSER developed a solution which when  incorporated into the washing process  significantly increase  food safety and shelf-life of the products. To produce high-quality products, INFUSER develops solutions that aim to leave the quality of the food undisturbed while maintaining the authenticity of the products.

INFUSER solutions ensure high food safety standards along the food production chain

Decontamination fruit and vegetables

The technology is developed by INFUSER at its R&D laboratories to achieve optimal dissolved-ozone in the water for efficient decontamination of food. The technology is being integrated along the food  production chain to extend the shelf-life and reduce ‘the farm to the fork’ wastage as much as possible. INFUSER works with academics to evaluate the microbiological effects on the products, such as in the recent project for the surface decontamination of fruits and vegetables.

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