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Chinese delegation suggests that INFUSER joins China’s upcoming Scientific Cities.

This week, INFUSER received a visit by a delegation from Huairou District’s People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the People’s Republic of China. The delegation was interested to know about INFUSER’s scope of business within air pollution control and disinfection technologies. Particularly, they where interested to know about our industrial air purification technologies, spearheaded by the CLIMATIC that differentiates remarkably from competitive technologies, because it is:

  1. Based on the atmosphere’s principles on how to remove air pollution
  2. Energy-efficient
  3. Quick and flexible on maintenance
  4. Easy to operate, and
  5. Scalable for variable pollution loads and space facilities

Five key essentials that are reflected in CLIMATIC’s low operation costs.


China is one the World’s most exposed countries, when it comes to life-threatening air pollution. The numbers of chronical diseases and deaths, caused by air pollution, are alarmingly high. Therefore, the Chinese government has decided to establish a national sci-tech innovation hub in and around Beijing. The hub will comprise 3 scientific centers, including Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City and a future science city, located in Changping District. Here, acknowledged science institutions, universities and innovative entrepreneurs will form the heart of the sci-tech hub to research and develop a.o.t. sustainable solutions for air pollution. The Chinese government has invested a large sum in the upcoming Science City in Huairou District, which will be more than 41,2 km2. The city will be built in phases from 2016-2030, where the first phases is expected to be completed in 2020.

As described in a full brief about abovementioned Science Parks, innovation hubs globally play 3 central roles: “First, they lead and drive national economy with the most advanced scientific achievements, industries and enterprises; second, they export some technological achievements to the world; third, they connect their own nations with the world in terms of innovation activities”. As INFUSER fulfills all 3 aspects from one of Europe’s most advanced laboratories, located at the heart of Copenhagen Science City, we were invited to take presence in the future Chinese science parks as well.

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