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Reducing emissions

INFUSER enters into partnership with Xpuris GmbH (Germany) for global roll-out of air-cleaning technology for the foundry industry:

INFUSER has signed a partnership agreement with Xpuris GmbH, a daughter company of ASK Chemicals GmbH, a leading German supplier of chemicals and materials for the foundry industry. As part of the partnership, Xpuris will create an organization to further industrialize and commercialize INFUSER Clean Air technology for the global foundry industry sector.

In the past three years, INFUSER has worked closely with leading Germany car makers, applying INFUSER Clean Air solutions for reducing emissions beyond legislative demands. This included the conduction of tests across the auto maker industrial segment. Earlier this year INFUSER patented a solution for foundries and other air polluting industries in which INFUSER technologies are integrated up-stream in the production, sequentially breaking down pollution. This patented technology creates air cleaning solutions that potentially allow car makers to demonstrate and claim “close to zero” emissions. The method requires in depth analysis of emissions up-stream in the production process, but can, when executed correctly, provide solutions where emissions are well below the legislative demands while keeping a favorable total cost of ownership, says Lars Nannerup, CEO of INFUSER ApS.

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