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INFUSER embraces yet another university – industry technology transfer collaboration

Disinfection robot STERISAFE from INFUSER Full Depth Decontamination Cycle

INFUSER continues building on its tradition of collaboration and technology transfer with science and knowledge institutions as a powerful driver of innovation. This time INFUSER teams up with Metopolitan University College(MUC) with the intent to deepen its knowledge base within microbiology. The chief deliverables of the joint effort will benefit the development of a new product line based on the whole-room decontamination device STERISAFE™.
STERISAFE™ is a gaseous technology, disinfection robot which utilises the power of ozone (O3) for eliminating viruses, bacteria, germs, spores and other pathogens. The device is equipped with several high-tech filters that allow for a quick and safe re-entrance of the room following the completion of the Full-Depth Decontamination Cycle (FDDC).


Eliot Booth, Product Manager, is confident that “the findings from the planned experiments and tests of STERISAFE™, in collaboration with MUC, will produce both academic and commercial value, for the benefit of both parties.”

PhD. Lars H. Rasmussen from the Faculty of Health and Technology comments “The collaboration between INFUSER and METROPOL is a major step forward in the way we interact with private companies. In this project, we take the best people from both sides to develop the STERISAFE and its applications. The outcome will be of benefit for both partners and in particular for our students, who will gain from the experiences gathered during the project.”

The faculty of Health and Technology of MUC and the headquarters of INFUSER are both located in the Copenhagen Science City (CSC) district – a circumstance that strongly supports the synergies behind the collaboration. Upon completion, the CSC would top among the world’s most elite science parks within natural sciences.

INFUSER and the Metropolitan University College aspire to lead the example in university-industry collaboration in the CSC’s local innovation system, by undertaking this shared research and development initiative.

The story in Danish on the Metropolitan University College webpage –


The first prominent academic partnership that INFUSER established was with the University of Copenhagen. It has run for three years now and has yielded beneficial results for both parties. The chemistry department of the University of Copenhagen, and specifically the Copenhagen Chemistry Atmospheric Research (CCAR) launched an AIR-Lab UCPH, Atmospheric INFUSER research laboratory, with the vision for enhancing indoor and outdoor air quality.

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