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Northern Europe atmospheric chemistry scene reinforced as INFUSER launches new air laboratory

When you enter INFUSER’s new research facilities, on the campus of the University of Copenhagen, a sign saying “passionate about atmospheric chemistry” greets you. The sign sums up the attitude of the people working in the air laboratory, most of which are atmospheric chemists by training, many holding PhD’s in chemistry.

Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory INFUSER

Due to the diverse geographical origin of the employees there is a distinct buzz of a highly international workplace mixed with the fundamental belief in the processes found atmospheric chemistry. These processes are exploited by INFUSER’s core technology and are some of the most effective and the most sustainable methods to clean polluted environments.

The new INFUSER laboratory serves as the key facility for analysis, modeling, and design for INFUSER’s activities across international markets. Air samples containing complex industrial sources of pollution can be broken down into single compounds, helping to design and model the advanced-oxidation solutions that convert the pollution into harmless waste.

INFUSER’s new research facilities are located on the campus of the University of Copenhagen and at the heart of the Copenhagen Science City. The proximity to the University of Copenhagen further enhances the cooperation between academia and business, a key component of INFUSER’s strategy.

“This is still early days,” says INFUSER’s Chief Science Officer (CSO) and associate professor Thomas Rosenørn “but we now have the ideal infrastructure, both with regard to technology and qualified scientists, to take on even very complicated analysis and research tasks”.

For air-pollution testing and analysis, and contaminated environments in general, clients, partners and contractors are now invited to engage the new Copenhagen air laboratory to undertake air-pollution analysis.
Please contact Dr. Thomas Rosenørn or Dr. Nicolai Bork on

University of Copenhagen, Department of Chemistry, article about INFUSER’s Cleanlab

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