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INFUSER Malaysia meets the University of Malaya, the Institution of Engineers of Malaysia and other stakeholders

INFUSER established operations in Malaysia in the early summer of 2015, when the Malaysian portfolio investment company Ideal Force joined the board.

Malaysia is among the countries in Southeast Asia with continuously stable and above the world average GDP growth rate. Malaysia’s average GDP growth rate for the last six years is 6.15% (source: World Bank). The capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur, does not make an exception and is growing quickly with many construction projects. At the same time, it is a victim of poor air quality caused by agricultural burning, wildfires in the region and increased traffic. INFUSER has advanced air pollution control technology that is able to remove both the particulate matter and gas phase odor, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

INFUSER Malaysia engineering and business development team together with, the seated in Copenhagen, Prof. Matthew S. Johnson took part in business meetings in Kuala Lumpur in between 28th and 31st of July 2016. The kick off of the meetings began with a visit to the team at IEN Malaysia – expert green buildings consultants. Mr Gregers Reimann, Managing Director of IEN, was the host and identified a number of interesting projects in Asian markets such as Malaysia, Singapore and China, including pilot scale and full scale installations. The goals of these projects include improving the indoor air quality and improving energy efficiency. People tend to spend most of their free time indoor due to the humid and warm climate – quite often in super shopping centers.

The next day Prof. Johnson gave a talk for the Sustainability Science Research Cluster at the University of Malaya. There is growing interest in air quality and energy efficiency in Malaysia. The Research Cluster has been trying several techniques  including plasma cleaning.

INFUSER Malaysia University of Malaya Research Center Indoor air quality

Prof. Johnson gave a talk for the Annual General Meeting of the Institution of Engineers of Malaysia on Saturday. All in all, the interest for applying new technologies for air cleaning and purification is rising in Malaysian buildings.

INFUSER Malaysian Institution of Engineers of Malaysia

Pictures: credit INFUSER

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