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Mayor of Employment and Integration of Copenhagen, Anna M. Allerslev (RV), puts emphasis on a more green city in collaboration with INFUSER

Much of current Danish politics and commercial focus is centered around entrepreneurship, innovation, employment growth and improved international competitiveness. At the beginning of this Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016Copenhagen’s Mayor of Employment and Integration (RV), Anna Mee Allerslev visited INFUSER’s Headquarters at Copenhagen Science City.


Anna Mee Allerslev is highly focused on improving Danish schools and providing a more green and coherent city along with more employment. INFUSER is already much involved in private/public partnerships, and the motivation for the Mayor’s visit was on further collaboration and development of projects between INFUSER and Danish public institutions. As a starting point the target will be to investigate, how indoor air quality in Danish public schools can be improved. As INFUSER is committed to contributing positively to environmental aspects – by among other things purifying the air and eliminating bad odor from industrial emissions, we are proud to be able to support on this project.

In the summer of 2016, Copenhagen Municipality rewarded INFUSER with the prize of innovation, valuing our contribution on improving air quality in not only Denmark but the whole world. Moreover, INFUSER was esteemed for our effort in growing employment from 0-30 employees in only four years and for attracting a notable amount of foreign capital to Denmark.

Recently, Lars Nannerup, CEO of INFUSER, was invited to join the Copenhagen Business Council to boost Copenhagen’s business environment, which Lars Nannerup happily accepted.

INFUSER is dedicated to contribute to Copenhagen Municipality’s commercial, social and environmental developments – and we look forward to help improving indoor air quality in Danish public institutions as part of our 2017 incubation projects.

Global entrepreneurship week

On the picture above: INFUSER’s indoor air quality unit serving the visa department at the Danish Embassy in Beijing.


  • Winner of Copenhagen business award
  • Lars Nannerup, CEO of INFUSER, joins Copenhagen Business Council
  • INFUSER collaborates with Copenhagen Municipality to improve indoor air quality in Danish public schools

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