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Reduces the cost of air cleaning with up to 80%

INFUSER’s research and development team engineered air cleaning system which could reduce the cost of any activated carbon filter with up to 80%.
The photo-active carbon system increases the life of the carbon filters with up to five times. This is achieved by decreasing the load on the carbon filter, and continuously cleaning the filter with excess ozone. Further savings are reached by limiting the pressure drop in the system, and matching power consumption with the volume of the emitted emissions.

The photo-active carbon solution is inspired by INFUSER’s gas phase advanced oxidation (GPAO) system CLIMATIC.

Get the benefits of:

  • Reduced cost of carbon filtration with up to 80%
  • Less waste and better mass-balance
  • No or reduced odour problems
  • Increased the life of carbon-filters by up to 5 times
  • Peak load adaptation that matches the emissions
  • Faster return on investment (ROI) maximum 2 years
  • Rental option, with no cash-up front payment

Market Response

Photo-active carbon insallationsINFUSER received the very first order for the system from a world-renowned manufacturer from Bavaria, Germany. The installation reaped an eminent success. INFUSER has closely monitored and analyzed the efficiency of the system. The result of the analysis suggests that the German manufacturer can expect a reduction in the monthly operating costs by Euro 3,172. In other words, based on an investment level of Euro 40,000, the manufacturer can look forward to an attractive pay-back period within 12 months.

Please follow the link to read more about the system, and how INFUSER’s scientists could support your company with pollution management expertise, or download the product brochure here.

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