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Compact20 is a second generation ozone (O3) generator that removes grease and reduces smell in kitchen ventilation ducts. Its predecessor realised sales of more than 400 units over just two years solely in the Scandinavian and German markets. Installations in professional kitchens constituted approximately 85% of the sales while the remaining 15% of the units were installed in vessels and yachts.

The key features and components which underwent improvements are:

  • Improved ease of installation
  • Improved ease for post-installation service (fx. filter change)
  • Superior cooling system

We focus on Europe as a primary market leading to the end of the calendar year, as distribution and sales partnerships have already been accredited in UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. Negotiations for other markets are underway.

Please follow the link to learn more about Compact20 and the technology behind it.

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