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MANE and CLIMATIC teamed up to reduce CO2 footprint and eliminate odor

December 2019 – Infuser and MANE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flavor & fragrances, started cooperating to develop a product that can eliminate odor from the production lines.

The odor can sometimes be a big nuisance to society, especially to the public living close to production sites. Furthermore, it is also one of the most difficult challenges to solve when it comes to air cleaning solutions. Currently, corporations claim they have the answer to this problem; however, most fail. In most settlements, the issue of smelly VOCs is moved to a filter that needs special waste handling – this has consequences for the climate.

MANE and Infuser have entered into a joint development program intending to find a solution that eliminates strong odor. Both parties also plan to incorporate a solution that will have much less energy and waste usage – both adding to a significantly reduced CO2 footprint.

This is possible due to the technology developed by Infuser, where the naturally occurring processes in which the atmosphere removes pollutants, is now being controlled in a “box” added between the production process and the outlet (chimney) of process air to the atmosphere. Infusers’ technology is a stepwise oxidation process consisting of specialized UVR lights and a combination of various catalysts. When the UVR lights produce Ozone and are mixed with the H20, O2, and volatile organic compounds, Hydroxical Radicals (the detergent of the atmosphere) are being developed, which will then, through a series of chemical reactions, break down the VOC. As we are talking about “Breaking-Down” not absorbing – we are generating less waste!

Should you have any questions please refer to:

Global Business Manager, Ayten Y. Wagner
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