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CLIMATIC removes both particles and toxic gasses in a single treatment, ensuring healthier and better indoor air quality at the visa building of the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing.

As of today, one of INFUSER’s groundbreaking air cleaning systems, CLIMATIC, works around the clock on the rooftop of visa building of the embassy. It effectively cleans the outdoor polluted air before it enters the existing duct (HVAC) system.

INFUSER’s top management introduced the installation at a press conference at the Royal Danish Embassy on the 17th of March 2016.

INFUSER press conference CLIMATIC indoor air quality Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing
(From left to right: Lars E. Jensen – Head of Energy & Environment at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, Lars N. Jepsen – INFUSER COO, Thomas Rosenørn – INFUSER CSO, Lars Nannerup – INFUSER CEO, and Professor Lin Du – Shandong University)

In-depth measurements performed in February 2016 by scientists from INFUSER, the University of Copenhagen, and Shandong University, show that the CLIMATIC delivers an efficacy rate of 98% for removal of particulate matter (PM). The removal includes particles with a particulate mass smaller than 10 µm (PM10) and 2.5 µm (PM2.5), the latter posing the greatest risk and with a potential to lodge deeply into the lungs. In addition to the effective removal of particles, CLIMATIC also effectively removes gaseous pollutants, such as NO(Nitrogen Oxides) and SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide), in amounts of up to 83%.

Table 1. Removal efficiencies for PM10, PM2.5, NOX, SO2, and O3, during the single treatment cycle of the CLIMATIC unit installed on the roof of the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, China


Professor Lin Du from the Shandong University comments “Having been deeply involved in the testing of the performance of the CLIMATIC at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, I am nicely surprised to see the system’s high removal efficiency. The greater number of such individual installations, the better the chance for solving our air pollution problems. I can see the big potential of the CLIMATIC in China.”

Lars Eskild Jensen, Counsellor, Head of Energy & Environment at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing adds
“I am satisfied and impressed that a Danish SME has been able to solve the indoor air pollution problem in one of the embassy’s busiest buildings. Improving indoor air quality at the embassy is one thing – and for all of us working and living here an immensely important one. Yet, it also goes to show that Denmark’s long tradition within environmental protection and cleantech solutions continues to make its mark on the international arena”

INFUSER CLIMATIC indoor air quality Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing 1INFUSER CLIMATIC indoor air quality Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing 2

Simply put, CLIMATIC creates a semi-closed environment with clean air inside buildings, shielded from the polluted air outside. This is achieved by its core technology which utilizes gas phase and condensed pollution treatment.

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