NOx abatement System for Thermal Energy Storage

DeNOx Recovery system of the solar power plant

To counterbalance the non-activity of the solar power plant, on a rainy day or when the sun sets, thermal energy storage has been installed in various sites. The sun’s energy can be stored by heating up molten salts contained in a storage tank and then electricity is generated by a turbine process. This technology allows almost double the hours of production and helps to plan in advance the electricity production.

Energy Storage

The downside of the technology is the large emissions of Nitrogen Oxide by-product NOx, which are highly harmful to the environment. INFUSER has responded to the issue with a NOx recovery technology process. The DeNOx Recovery has multiple advantages:

In 2016, INFUSER will install at the biggest Solar Power Plant site of Latin America in Chile its world first DeNOx Recovery solution.
N.B. The project has been postponed to indefinite time.

DeNOx Recovery is a complete green recovery process divided into four steps:


  1. Cooling SystemNOx JR stage model
    The off-gas from the tank storage is cooled down in order to reach an acceptable temperature for the upcoming process.
  1. Photo-Oxidation
    The NOx are oxidized in the gas-phase by the combination of UV lamps and ozone.
  1. Scrubber
    The NOx are caught and neutralized by contact with a water scrubbing solution.
  1. Crystallization
    The neutralized NOx are crystallized in the water into salt to be recovered or resold.