Ozone Generators

Ozone generators for multiple purposes

Ozone gas is one of the most powerful oxidants. It finds commercial use in a wide range of applications including disinfection, smell and pollution removal in air and water. However, above certain concentrations, ozone might pose a threat to one’s health. INFUSER engineers safe and reliable ozone generators.

INFUSER’s ozone generators are the most compact and efficient on the market. They are easy to install where one needs effective and efficient purification, be it air or water treatment.
All is based on the corona discharge technology to produce ozone (O3) out of oxygen (O2). INFUSER offers different outputs ranging from 0,1 to 80 grams of ozone per hour.  Customers from over 20 countries rely on our ozone generators.

Here are examples from different applications:


The COMPACT line: All-in-one – high concentration – modern

The new COMPACT-series is specially designed for use in commercial kitchens. The capacity ranges from 10 to 20 grams of O3 per hour.

Learn more about the COMPACT line and its capabilities.

Ozone generators


The ONY line: All-in-one – high concentration – industrial

The ONY-series are generators made for the industrial applications that needs high output and high concentration. Available from 10 to 80 gr/h.

Learn more about the ONY line and its capabilities.

Ozon generators
INFUSER ozone generators grease removal and odour reduction in kitchen exhaust


The ACF line: Simple – Small – Tube output

The ACP product line are small ozone generators with output from 0,5 to 4 gram per hour used for single point of ozone injection, both for air and water.

Learn more about the ACF line and its capabilities.

Ozone generators


The ACP line: Simple – Small – Free blown output

The ACF product line are small ozone generators with output from 0,1 to 7 gram per hour. It diffuses ozone in the air for deodorization and sanitation applications.

Learn more about the ACP line and its possibilities.

Ozone Generators