Arianna Perry-Moore

“I feel I have a chance to create a cleaner and safer world as a part of the Water lab”

Growing up on Lake Erie, in the United States, I have seen the result that human activity has on the environment – particularly water. In my own community with ample access to fresh water, difficulties such as algal blooms caused by nutrient loading from agriculture threaten the safety of our water supply. Therefore, I saw early on how human activity can impact the balance of an ecosystem, through industry and waste management. I realized that we have the power over how we treat our surroundings and protect our resources. All over the world, issues of access to safe and adequate drinking water are growing for a variety of reasons, from climate changes to industrial emissions. Realizing that water is a central element in a wide range of issues from international development to human health, I began to explore the ways in which I can work to create a cleaner and safer world.

I feel I have a chance to do that as part of the Water Lab at Infuser. At Infuser, I help run experiments to determine the most efficient methods for diffusing oxygen and ozone into water. The applications for these technologies will be used in industries ranging from steel manufacturing to the production of organic juices. The solutions we find will help industries reduce their pollution streams as well as reduce chemical usage to create safer products for consumers, cleaner production stream, and a healthier environment.

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