Poultry hatchery

Decontamination is a crucial element for sanitary risk control in the hatchery business. Today the main gas disinfectant used is the formalin (formaldehyde). However, this substance is classed as carcinogenic, mutagen and toxic. It must be imperatively used with safety respiratory masks. Using such toxic substance creates obvious risk for both the personnel safety but also for the performance of the hatchery.

Numerous studies (Cadirci, 1997 – Nwagu, 1997 – Yildirim et al, 2003) have indicated evidence of embryonic mortality during incubation due to exposure to formaldehyde. In parallel, there is a growing political pressure to phase-out the use of this product. The years of formalin are counted and some efficient alternatives must be found.

For that reason, INFUSER is developing a disinfectant method for hatcheries based on the use of ozone gas. It delivers the same disinfectant efficacy but without posing risk for the personnel and animals.

• Same disinfectant efficacy as formalin
• Ozone produced in situ – no storage of toxic material
• Ozone naturally turns back to oxygen – no toxic residual
• One time investment – no running cost beside electricity
• Use only ambient air and electricity – no consumable