Producing super-compact ozone and oxygen generators requires a lot of accuracy and creative engineering.

In all INFUSER’s applications, be it a large industrial systems for pollution control or mobile decontaminations units, the generation and management of oxygen, ozone and other oxidising gases, are always part of the design.

Producing power-full oxidants, using less space and energy, is essential in any INFUSER solution and design. In many cases, the objective is to produce large amount of oxidants for example ozone, directly out of atmospheric air, while still keeping the generator lightweight and mobile. This is achieved by applying savage generator technologies in combination with tailored steering systems.

INFUSER’s generators are installed at approximately 400 locations across Europe and new products are constantly in the process of being developed and new sites are being installed.


Products ozone generators

The INFUSER production site is located in Sweden, approximately 50km from the INFUSER head-office and laboratory in Copenhagen.

INFUSER’s production constitute a team of mechanical and electrical engineers who’s primary objective is to design and construct equipment that can turn the model work from the INFUSER laboratories into actual products and marketable solutions. These tasks are undertaken in close liaison with the industrial design group Zenit Design, clients, partners and stakeholders.

Usability products testing
All generators are thoroughly checked for pre-delivery inspection and run for 24hours before shipping

Technological principle:
The atmosphere is composed of a mixture of several different gases in differing amounts that all serves different life-giving purposes. The permanent gases whose percentages do not change from day to day are nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Nitrogen accounts for 78% of the atmosphere, oxygen 21% and argon 0.9%. Gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, methane, and ozone are important oxidants that account for about a tenth of one percent of the atmosphere.

It is the reaction between those atmospheric gases and sunlight that drives many of the chemical processes that occur in the atmosphere by day and by night. It is essentially those chemical reactions that cleans the air we breathe and the water we drink. Problematic pollution only occurs when abnormally high concentrations of gases brought about by human activities (largely by incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, etc.) reaches the atmosphere and where the atmosphere’s self-cleaning ability cannot keep up.

Out of the crucial atmospheric gases, ozone is the most manageable oxidant to generate and produce artificially, it is very effective and is merely produced out of normal oxygen. Ozone can effectively initiate the chemical removal of pollution from the atmosphere, but it can also be applied in high concentrations in order to deal with abnormally high levels of pollution at source, before the polluting gases escapes out into the atmosphere, and becomes an environmental nuisance.

INFUSER’s technologies deals with producing gas generators for oxygen and ozone that are able to remove hydrocarbon and in accelerating the natural self-cleaning processes that takes place in the atmosphere.

The objective behind INFUSER’s ozone and gas generators is always to produce oxygen and ozone using less space than conventional methods so that the equipment can be mobile or installed, taking up minimum space, while still securing optimal output.

INFUSER developed 4 product lines with different features to fit the different needs. Find the generator that fits your need or contact your local dealer  to get some assistance.

The COMPACT line: All-in-one – high concentration – modern

The ONY line: All-in-one – high concentration – industrial

The ACP line: Simple – Small – Free blown output

The ACF line: Simple – Small – Tube output