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INFUSER’s leading R&D team develops, produces and implements technologies for advanced pollution control. The INFUSER laboratories are located in close proximity to the University of Copenhagen, one of Europe’s leading science institutions, with whom INFUSER has built a close collaboration.

INFUSER’s solutions are applied either to outdoor or indoor environments – and they all result in healthier and safer living conditions.

INFUSER’s advanced oxidation technology is based on natural and energy efficient principles that do not produce any hazardous detergents or chemical waste. The company’s purification solutions use advanced atmospheric oxidation to remove pollution from e.g. industrial emissions. This is achieved by combining the natural  self-cleaning properties of the Earth’s atmosphere in a closed reactor system, namely the CLIMATIC.

The development and implementation of INFUSER’s innovative solutions are based on applied research and science. After thorough testing in laboratories and
industrial settings, the scientific work is turned into sustainable commercial solutions. Products and solutions are designed with a keen eye on efficiency, durability and functionality.

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