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Sterisafe ApS

STERISAFE broke 01.09.2019 out as independent company from INFUSER

Since 2014 the INFUSER science team has worked on, and completed, the development of the patented STERISAFE technology, for whole-room disinfection.

The STERISAFE team has during 2018/2019 managed to establish a network of distributors and achieved sales, at the level, where it is now time to take the STERISAFE technology, to full scale. The STERISAFE team and technology has been incorporated into a new separate legal entity (STERISAFE HOLDING APS).

Eliot Booth has been appointed as CEO of the new STERISAFE HOLDING APS and. The STERISAFE spinout includes 15 employees with HQ in Copenhagen and a production site in Sweden.  More information on STERISAFE HOLDING Aps can be found on

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