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03.06.2019 Climatic - Corporate << Back

VOC Summit, Nanjing, China May 16th and 17th 2019

For the first time, Infuser’s industrial air cleaning Business line; CLIMATIC was present in the Chinese market presenting their new and patented industrial air cleaning solution.

It was great to see that many interested in the relative new VOC handling that is currently being implemented by the Chinese authorities.

The main takeaways from the conference was 1) VOC treatment is new and how to measure pre- and post-treatment airstreams is a topic where a standard need to be developed. 2) The traditional technologies carbon filters and RTOs are very represented, despite of some recent accidents. 3) Due to recent accidents involving traditional technologies, safety was needed to be reviewed and potential modified regulations to be further discussed and 4) CLIMATIC’s UVR/Catalyst technology, following our presentation, raised a lot of interest.

Our main messages from our presentation was to:

  • Introduce our company and history – presented by. Mr. Chuck Wang and
  • Explain and visualize the chemistry behind our technology and why it works also in current installations – presented by Mr. Thomas Rosenørn and
  • The financial as well as environmental benefits from choosing a CLIMATIC – presented by Mr. Kenneth F. Kolvits

We are looking forward for more of these presentations worldwide.

GM, CLIMATIC – Kenneth F. Kolvits

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