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New report stresses, what we already knew – it is time to take action and reduce air pollution

Air pollution is a transparent and deadly toxic that over time can have critical consequences for human beings, animals and the environment. According to a new report “State of global air 2017”, air pollution is recognized as an important global risk factor for disease. It is the cause of more than 4.2 million of early deaths worldwide. Up to 18 % of premature births are caused by air pollution. And in some parts of the World, air pollution is even more dangerous than traffic accidents, AIDS and smoking combined.

Air pollution sources are multiple:

  • Natural sources, such as forest fires and volcanic eruptions
  • Private sources, for example candle light and fireplaces
  • Mobile sources, linked to transportation means
  • Stationary sources, coming from industrial plants and factories.

The abovementioned combinations of pollution sources can generate toxic compounds, such as VOCs, NOx, SO2, CO, particulate matter (PM) and (…) the list goes on. Imagine the health risks that lie in being exposed to such compounds from all abovementioned sources – everyday. These toxics can linger in the climate system for weeks, years and even decades. Do we have time to wait for that?



INFUSER’s answer to above question is, no! Therefore, we have decided to finally eliminitate the emission loads that come from industrial plants. Human society is dependent on industry. Increasing urbanization is here to stay. Over half of everyone lives in a city, and people are increasingly removed from daily contact with nature and food production — we are dependent on industry and technology for survival. Unfortunately, this same activity degrades the environment. INFUSER provides efficient air-cleaning solutions that contribute to sustainability and an improved environment, while providing the most environmental benefit for the least cost to manufacturing companies – big and small.

Knowledge is literally everything, when it comes to air purification, as it is a highly complex and technical dilemma. With a scientific approach, INFUSER measures and analyzes the air quality in any given industrial plant to devise a compatible solution at the core of the pollution source. Our CLIMATIC system is a disruptive new technology for eliminating pollution at its source. It is a new method of reducing emissions, with outset in Gas-Phase Advanced Oxidation. This practically means that CLIMATIC resembles the atmosphere’s own way of decomposing pollution, by transforming polluted air to clean air – without applying any artificial chemicals or overconsuming energy.

CLIMATIC is created to respond to various pollution loads across different industry sectors, where the pollution is gradually decomposed to reach “close to zero” emissions. This includes carcinogenic compounds such as benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene, suspected carcinogens such as styrene, and many compounds that contribute to the formation of photochemical smog air pollution including industrial solvents. Reducing these has an immediate benefit for public health, in addition to the long-term benefit to the climate.


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